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About Athlete Kenya

Kenya is known for its vast number of athletes. The sang and unsung heroes mostly gain a lot of money in their productive years that is when they are winning medals and mostly have a history of dying in abject poverty. This has discouraged upcoming people in sports field. It is also noted that some develop health complications that are sometimes acquired in their line of work or some that grow due to old age poverty this has seen most of them dying depressed and very sick with little or no help.

The CPF Mpension Product could develop a Mwanariadha IPP Product specifically suited to meet their upcoming needs. The product could be bundled with health insurance (NHIF) and a training and consultancy product.


  • 1. The pension product to encourage them to save for their retirement which is mostly earlier than the normal sixty.
  • 2. The NHIF product to provide for them medical cover till a certain age.
  • 3. The welfare solution to assist them in cases where disasters arise.