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About Wakili

Retirement may feel years away especially for professionals, but it is important for them to put plans in place as early as possible to ensure that they can achieve their retirement goals. Sadly, most professionals may only start thinking about saving for retirement few years before they retire, which is far too late to make up any savings shortfall. The reality is that the earlier an individual start to save the better the chances are of being financially secure when they retire.

The Wakili plan is designed to enable professional individuals to save for their retirement by making regular contributions into the scheme during their working years and grow their retirement savings.


  • 1. Options to choose from depending on the package one will select (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum
  • 2. Upon retirement, the member will access their accumulated benefits as a lump sum.

Who should join?

  • 1. Professionals like lawyers, advocates, judges

Why join the Wakili Mpension?

  • 1. You enjoy tax relief on contributions when you save in a pension scheme.
  • 2. Option to take up Insurance cover depending on the package one will select (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum.
  • 3. Investment income to the fund is exempted from tax.
  • 4. Members can choose when to retire.
  • 5. Members can conveniently view their statements through any digital platform via CPF App, website and ussd.
  • 6. Members get professional advice on retirement planning.